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Wayne Pacelle

In 2004 Wayne Pacelle was named president of the worlds richest animal-rights organization, the Humane Society of the United States. Pacelle, a strict vegan, joined HSUS in 1994 after working at the anti-hunting group the Fund for Animals for six years. There he helped Paul Watson and his violent Sea Shepherd Conservation Society raise money for ships. Pacelles goal is to create a National Rifle Association of the animal rights movement. He is in charge of HSUSs a large number of ballot initiative campaigns, winning 17 of the 22 in which he has been involved. His biggest win was in Florida, where an initiative passed that gave constitutional rights to pregnant pigs. Florida farmers were banned from using gestation crates. Many farmers killed their animals as a result and the pork industry in Florida is almost extinct. He plans campaigns against gestation crates in additional states, and is already organising in California and New Jersey. At the 1996 HSUS annual meeting, Pacelle announced that the ballot initiative would be used for all manner of legislation in the future, including companion animal issues and laboratory animal issues. These operations, he says, pay dividends and serve as a training ground for activists. Pacelles wife, Kirsten Rosenberg, works for Ark Trust, now the HSUS Hollywood office. [+]