West Bend Lithia Beer Company

Based in West Bend WI Lithia is committed to brewing quality beer to benefit the community. The Beer That Made Milwaukee Jealous! In the Lithia Beer spirit and tradition, Lithia is based not only on the finest natural, quality ingredients and processes, but also on extremely pure, hand-crafted, mineral-containing water. West Bend Lithia Beer is a serious beer drinker’s beer, not a chemically concocted, watered down, commodity beer...it’s simply more beer and less water. Lithia Beer contains no corn or rice grains. Only the finest hops, and slow roasted, as well as other malts, are utilized. A true pre-Prohibition brew. Lithia Beer is serious beer for serious beer drinkers. “A great beer that’s great for the community too” ™ Recreating the Lithia Beer line, as with all good brews, will be a work in progress. Our first brew, Regner Red, a great Rich, Crisp & Creamy Style Red Ale, a very smooth, drinkable brew, was developed in the great spirit of Lithia beer of the past before prohibition. Popular tastes in beer have changed and matured, as have the brewing process and ingredients. We have chosen to develop extremely high quality, natural beers that will be popular with the sophisticated customers of our time and in our community. We utilized the same process to roll out other Lithia Premium Beers such as Bucky Blonde Ale, arguably the most complex, richest blonde beer ever brewed. Most importantly, Lithia Beer will again, and exclusively, be based in West Bend & Washington County, where it belongs. It’s heritage will now continue to benefit our community for hopefully, the next hundred years. A portion of Lithia Beer proceeds are donated to The Museum of Wisconsin Art, The Washington County Historical & Humane Society’s, and rebuilding Regner Park plus many other area charities. [+]