Google's Birthday

Google's birthday is a common mystery that has become an internet meme as of 2016. In September 2016, search results for "When is Google's Birthday?" spiked due to the September 27th Google Doodle. Google's birthday is September 27th if taken common consensus on each year of its celebration. 


Google's main domain has celebrated its own inception on different days throughout the years causing large confusion on what its actual date of inception really is. In 2006, it celebrated its birthday on the 27th of September, but the year before, Google had celebrated it's birthday as September 26th, one day earlier. In 2004, Google's 6th Google Doodle went online on September 7 and in the year before that, it was September 8. [3][2] Google's first investment was in August 1998 to Google Inc. (which was not yet incorporated). The legal incorporation of Google would not come until 4 September 1998 in California.[3]


Previous Dates Celebrated

2002 September 27th (first Google Doodle celebrating its own birthday) 
2003 September 8th
2004 September 7th

2005 September 26th

2006 September 27th

2007 September 27th

2008 September 27th

2009 September 27th

2010 September 27th

2011 September 27th

2012 September 27th

2013 September 27th

2014 September 27th

2015 September 27th

2016 September 27th

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