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Wheres Phillips

We are Wheres Phillips a 4-peice pop-punk out of Brick, NJ. When were not listening to Blink 182, reminiscing about putting that fake wrestling match at school getting suspended for 10 days, Going to diner's 4am and making asses of ourselves, or finding something to do that causes any type of laughter whatsoever we are making music and playing shows.We have a energetically fun punk sound that has reached the depths of Basements, Moose Lodges and Backyards, to venues like The Stony Pony and The Saint. Wheres Phillips loves to just put on shows having fun and going crazy along with our fans. We are very personal and close with our friends and fans and the new ones that we make. We have a very big fan base in our town so we definitely want to start expanding that more throughout NJ. [+]