Where's Wally?: The Spectacular Poster Book (book)

Plot Summary:

This is a new publication in the internationally famous "Where's Wally?" series. Eight spectacular full art posters selected by Martin Handford; comprising of a scene from each of the seven classic "Where's Wally?" books, plus one extra character poster of Wally and his friends. Display the posters on a wall or keep them safe in the portfolio. Search for Wally, Woof, Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard and Odlaw among dinosaurs, in a safari park, vampires, band stands, a dance hall, in space and the wild west. This title also includes checklists with hundreds more things to look for. Join the search! It features 6 posters (528 X 378 mm) and 2 double-sized posters (1056 X 756 mm). "The Where's Wally?" books are a worldwide phenomenon, selling more than 47 million copies worldwide in over 30 countries and 25 languages, including Egyptian, Korean and Hebrew. Wally has reached celebrity status; such is his popularity that he has appeared in the primetime American TV shows "Frasier", "The Simpsons and Friends", as well as on the 1000th anniversary cover of "Rolling Stone" magazine as a cultural icon of the last 40 years. [1]