Wills and Probate (book)


Making a will can be a simple, trouble-free exercise with this best-selling guide. "Wills and Probate" provides expert, step-by-step advice on the main provisions you need to make in a will, the pitfalls to avoid and what to do should you be called upon to wind up an estate. It is fully revised to cover all the latest changes to Inheritance Tax, this new edition tackles how to produce your own will or use legal professionals. The book is also packed with guidance on the likely costs of making a will and ways to save on tax as well as what to consider when revising your will and how to store it. For those charged with administering an estate, there is jargon-free advice on valuing and distributing assets, how to tackle the official forms, timings, charges to expect and all the key legal considerations of an executor. You can limit delays, avoid disputes and save on Inheritance Tax with "Wills and Probate". It includes: the basics of making a will and how to avoid common mistakes; how to reduce your Inheritance Tax bill; tips on keeping costs down and valuing assets; step-by-step advice on setting up trusts; the ins and outs of administering an estate; and, advice on the law in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Plus exclusive discounted rate when you make a will using the Which? Wills service [1]