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Witch In Training Flying Lessons (book)


The first in a new series of magical books for younger readers, by Irish author, Maeve Friel. Jessica thinks she is an ordinary ten-year-old girl but by the end of this first book, she is on the way to becoming a very bright young witch! When she sees the broomstick for sale outside Miss Strega's hardware shop, Jessica is intrigued. Because on it is a label saying Flying Lessons Extra. Jessica can't resist peeking inside the shop and so begins her first lesson in witchcraft. Little did she realise that to fly a broomstick you have to use the branches as gears - so twigs towards you - the front ones are for Twirling, zooming, spinning, ducking, diving, moon-vaulting, and star falling. The Eject twig, is for getting rid of unwanted hangers on, Goblins, brothers - any sort of pest that tries to hitch a ride. And so begins Jessica's apprenticeship in this fresh and funny book with wonderfully witty writing. Part of the Roaring Good Reads younger fiction promotion from Collins to be launched this month. [1]