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We are Wizard Sleeve, and our fans, The Wizard Sleeve Brigade.

“The Sleeve” as we affectionately the band, saw its first stages of development in late November of 2014 in Staten Island, New York. We embrace the dark and the mysterious, and we provide a breed of driving, groove and riff-based music, a single beast composed of influences based in hard rock, metal, and blues. Some of the many bands that have inspired us in the creation of Wizard Sleeve include Black Sabbath, Danzig, Clutch, Down, and Corrosion of Conformity.

Immediately after the band’s inception, we knew that it had a powerful force behind it. Despite several months without a singer, and even a short period of time spent transitioning through several bassists, weekly studio sessions maintained a constant flow of ideas and creativity. Soon enough, though, Wizard Sleeve was complete with a compelling front man, an unyielding bassist, a thunderous drummer, and two driving guitarists. Wizard Sleeve’s momentum had amplified tenfold with its first live show at the NÜrnberger Bierhalle, the familiar “home-base”, and tenfold again throughout the process of recording the first few demo tracks.

In Wizard Sleeve’s infant stages, several (somewhat humorous) catch-phrases such as “Sleevin’ or Leavin’”, “Believe in The Sleeve”, or alternately, “Sleevin’ is Believin’”, served to both promote the band and spur its confidence. Ultimately, these expressions became cornerstones of the identity of The Sleeve. We now ask, are you sleevin’ or leavin’? Do you believe in The Sleeve?

Wizard Sleeve is: