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Working Class Artist

The “Working Class Artist” Spring Tour is a music tour developed by local Seattle hip hop artist Kevin “A.K.A.” Johnson. Kevin’s vision for the tour is to show that hip hop artists don’t need to rely on people who might not have his best interests at heart to promote his craft, and the craft of the other artists and performers on the tour. The tour is the first of its kind completely organized and funded by the artists and performers that will be on it. There will also be guest performances from various artists from around the Northwest. Our goal is to make people in the Northwest aware of the talent it has to offer outside of the reality shows on T.V.. The tour itself will bring together over 10,000 people to not only hear the music from these artists but to also make them aware of our charity partner Sadie’s Fight. This tour provides the people who attend the event information on how they can help give back to their communities, and help childhood cancer awareness. As well as a chance to participate in a socially beneficial activity in support of our global community.

The high energy 2012 “Working Class Artist” Spring Tour will begin on Saturday March 17, 2012 in Everett Washington. The tour will go from Bellingham Washington to Portland Oregon, then from Ellensburg Washington to Missoula Montana, with the last show in Seattle on June 9, 2012. The tour itself will not only promote the music of the artists on it but many local businesses within the Greater Seattle Metro Area. This tour will also raise the awareness of childhood cancer and the importance of battling it. [+]