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World's Strongest Man

Deeply rooted in Anarcho Punk thought and ideology, World's Strongest Man is a Socio Political Post-Rock band fusing elements of Math-Rock, Ambient, Punk, and Spoken Word to create moving live performances and music that aims to encourage progressive thinking. We began as an avant-guard project transmitting a diverse sound that could reach anyone with an open mind. We sampled sound clips from many different movies that had a stronge message we wanted to communicate in "Every Woman Wishes To Wed". We then decided to focus on one movie in particular called "Network" in our next EP " We Don't Dig Graves With Shovels Anymore" to represent our disdain for Social media and the state of News Broadcasting and the manipulation of said outlets. Our newest LP " I'm Sorry This Scares You" is an Introspective look on our disdain for the current state of society and how it can effect ones will to continue living in a place that is built to destroy the human spirit and enslave most people in a multi-layered Caste system to which less than 1% control the National Wealth.

We have national and international touring experience (played a couple dates in Costa Rica) and have opened for acts such as The Wonder Years, The World is a Beautiful Place, You Blew It, Koji, Prawn, and Japanther to name a few.

We aim to enlighten, to provoke thought, and hopefully create a change for a better quality of life.

One day we hope to make a difference in social thought and create change for the better. [+]