Young Paper Chasers

Young Paper Chasers Inc. LLC was formed In the Year 2009, as an add on from it's sister company "Certified Paper Chasers LLC." As of the year 2013 Young Paper Chasers Inc. LLC has been conducting business in the entertainment field Within the South Western Region. (New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada.) With it's arsenal of Vocalist, Dancers, and Musicians Young Paper Chasers Inc. LLC is Now a Family Owned Business defined by a Body of 5 Entertainers. (Young O-M33zY, Tony MO3 King, Young K.D, $tacKz, & Galaxy Child.) We are not just entertainers, Or rappers, we are Leaders of a New Lifestyle…… WHAT IS THAT LIFESTYLE…..? If You really want to know, Please Stay Tuned, & Follow us through Social Media. WE PLAN TO SHOW THE WORLD.





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