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My name is Andre Benson a.k.a Youngdre.West Im a Upcoming Rap artist representing Wise Guys entertainment.
I come from a city with Hatred , torture ,fatality , gangs and Lost Hoodlums.
But my goals are to Excel and make it out the dramatic environment I was raised in. And also show the people that are suffering the same injury that there is different pathways to Success.A wise man once said , A Human Being raised without any guidance or Love in the streets of L.A is a definite extra problem to society. I learned that a wise person will experience the trials of Pain that occurs and grow from it we move on. Survive the battle of Shame - Dre. ! I Love to make music , I also enjoy being in the recording studio and working hard on my craft I'm finally ready to make my family proud of me by pursuing my mission and Completing it. My name is Andre Benson Have a nice day #WGE [+]