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Derrome Rome Edwards (24), and I go by my stage alias Y.Rome. I was born in Buffalo,NY and raised in Harlem NYC. I started writing poems,stories,and lyrics at age 9. I started to record at age 17 in a home studio, went to college (Canton College). I have a sound now that forces me to compete with today's hooks/sound of the top 40 hip hop/urban/AC charts. I plan to be a Grammy contender by excessive trial and error, focusing on higher levels of consistency/constancy, working on song elements, and steady advice from entertainment attorneys and current and former proffessional artist. I am currently distributing music through Tunecore and registered with Performing Rights Organization BMI.

Steven Nieves (SplitzVille) & Charles Hamilton (Republic) produced a majority if not every song. I have songs produced by Charles that I am not allowed to release(due to his current situation).
The current untitled project undergoing at Daddys House Recording studios has my debut free digital album for release. Exclusively produced by Steven Nieves.

Oh My My!

Act Up #Getyopaper

Orange & Black