Yuho Eternal Embers Junmai

"Raisin notes with touches of grainy nutiness spread wide on the palate, then progress smoothly into the finish. A major trademark of this Yuho sake is that there is lots of umami without being cloying. A great sake to try warmed as well as slightly chilled. Pair with miso-glazed scallops on squid ink spaghetti, soba with swiss chard miso pesto, or roast pork tenderloin with cilantro date relish. Ishikawa prefecture is home to the lively Abare Festival, also affectionately called "Fire & Violence," where revelers playfully pay homage to the deity of destruction. Spectators watch as illuminated lantern floats and shrines are carried through the streets. Huge bonfires are set while melodies of Japanese drums, gongs, and flutes are heard throughout the festival. The name Eternal Embers is a nod to this fun-filled festival." -Importer [+]