Yuho Rhythm Of The Centuries Junmai Kimoto

"A character-laden umami drives the nutty and citrus-tinged flavors with plenty of complexity and a push of acidity at the end that focuses on the clean finish. A great sake to try warmed as well as slightly chilled. Pair with roasted sweet peppers and carrots with blood orange and hazelnut vinaigrette. Toji Toshio Yokomichi uses the rhythmic pole-ramming technique called Yama-oroshi to mix the yeast starter for this Kimoto sake. It gives the sake more complex, pronounced flavors. This is a specialty of Yokomichi-san, who knows how to maximize the method. It is aged for approximately four years, which rounds out the edges of the sake’s flavor and creates overall smoothness. This traditional method has been used at Mioya brewery for over a century." -Importer [+]