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“If there's anything you can do to follow this sound, do it.”

It was 1996 and Zach's father had just introduced him to Lynard Skynyrd’s “Simple Man.” Now, all grown up and embarking on his own career, Zach still draws from the advice his father once instilled to fuel his passion for music.

“I’ve quit just about everything – jobs, sports, school…but the one thing I’ve never walked away from is music. It’s the only thing that I’ve always known for certain,” says Zach.

Music has always been close to the 22-year old St. Louis native. As a teenager, Zach formed a band with his friends, self-teaching himself how to play bass and guitar before convincing them to let him sing lead vocals. After an audition for a local Battle of the Bands competition as a teenager, Zach said he knew this is what he wanted to do with his life.

He recalls the moment, laughing, “I remember coming home to my parents at 15 years old and saying, ‘there’s no better feeling in the world than playing music on stage.’”

It took two semesters of college for Zach to realize he belonged in the music city. With what little he he had he packed up and moved to Nashville to begin his journey wich has resulted to the release of his new album Chapter II.

“I named the album Chapter II because that's what this season feels like for me. Chapter one was about the changes of high school, growing up, going to college and finding out who I am. Chapter II is a brand new start and I’m really excited about it!”

The 6-track album pairs together bluesy-pop ballads with up-tempo hits, including his first single, “Love’s Lost and Found.” The lead song draws from the idea of the ‘Catfish’ hype and it’s victim’s painful discovery of being used.

“‘Chapter II’ is about fading from the familiar into the unknown, its about taking a chance, living your dreams; it's that bittersweet feeling of being afraid of the future and excited about it all at the same time.”

Among the album’s strengths is Zach’s ability to tell a good story through his songwriting as he draws from a wide range of influences from Foo Fighters, to John Mayer, to Bob Seger.

“When people hear my music I want them to feel the way I did when I first heard songs like ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon and ‘Against the Wind’ by Bob Seger. I want my music to be able to stir in them the gut-sinking effect those songs had on my life.” Zach says adding, “I’m ready for the greatest moment of my life to happen. I’ve realized there’s nothing else I would be happier doing than playing music, that’s a great feeling.”

And that’s exactly what Zach is doing. With a fresh set of songs and irrefutable charm, it’s clear that for Zach Michael, Chapter II is just the beginning.

Zach is currently out on tour in support of his new record. When not playing out on stages he is in Nashville writing for his album.
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