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Zaina Juliette & The Z-Funk Tribe

Zaina Juliette, The Empress of funk Rock, Soul & Dance. Zaina Juliette is more than a Triple Threat: Exceptional Recording Artist, Dynamic Live Performer, Compelling Actress and Outstanding Dancer. Zaina has launched ZTraxx Music Group, a subsidiary of Bungaolo/UMGD.

The press has compared Zaina to Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, James Brown, Bruno Mars, Terrence Trent D’arby, Janice Joplin and Betty Davis (Miles Davis wife), she is definitely "an up and coming legend on the rise."Zaina Juliette has an amazing Band, "The Z-Funk Tribe"That consist of 2 lead guitarist, dynamic drummer, a bass guitarist, a violinist that also play the keys, 2 dancers, 3 back up singers and a Dance DJ that performs a spectacular light show. All the musicians are also classically trained and chose music as their main academic.

Zaina choreographed and script her live shows with messages of Girl Power, Peace and Love. The show is entitled "The Awakening" About ZainaEntertainer Extraordinaire,

Zaina Juliette has been into singing, dancing and acting on stage and in front of the camera since the age of 5 and has been performing non-stop all of her life and has a impressive resume. As a dancer Zaina had all the moves at the early age of 4, when she fell in love with the art of ballet and from there sought out and mastered all forms of dance. Zaina, a true visionary from birth, became a published writer at the early age of 7 and by 11, Zaina began to teach drama and dance. It was during that time she was offered the opportunity to write and produce her own TV show. Zaina's school became a TV film set.

Throughout her life, Zaina has worked with some of the biggest names in show business. Now it’s Zaina’s time. Zaina went on to Jr. High school where she continued working as a student director, singer, dancer and actress; she has traveled the US with award winning performances in outstanding theatrical productions throughout her youth.

Zaina possess an innate gift and ear for music and is amazing to work within the recording studio. Once the music is complete, "left alone in her zone" Zaina writes, arranges and sings all lead and background vocals and in less than 4 hours will walk out of the studio with a complete song ready to be mixed. Zaina talents in the studio extend to her ability to co-produce and work any of the latest recording/engineering programs today.

Zaina Juliette truly puts on a SHOW! When you see her on stage, you will see why many people say that she is an old soul born in the right era. With her angelic voice on the microphone and a spirit full of passion for music and entertaining, Zaina pours out of her soul a dynamic and awesome LIVE show.

The Press has labeled her a POWERFUL performer with a true knowledge of the music industry. Zaina as an artist insist on a total production for her show. She chooses to completely stage and choreograph each show that consists of dancers and internationally known musicians who synergy of intense energy is simply magical: The performance will take you back and move you forward. When you experience Zaina Juliette’s Show you will see why this act is on the threshold of stardom. [+]