The Zazi (Pashto: ځاځی; plur. ځاځي‎), also spelled Zazai, or Jaji, is a Karlani Pashtun tribe. Zazi is a (Pashtun tribe) which falls under the Karlani tribe of the Pashtuns. They are found in Paktia and Khost provinces of Afghanistan, but they have a small population in Kabul city and Baghlan province of Afghanistan as well. A large number of Zazi (Jaji) also reside in the Kurram Agency of North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan for the last few centuries. The Zazi are divided into nine wands: 1(Hashim Kehil),2(Lehwani), 3(Ada Khel), Petla (combined with the Allisengeh), Hassan Khel, Karaia Ahmad Khel, Ahmad Khel (combined with the Bayan Khel), Ali Khel, and the Jamu Khel.[2]

Ethnicity and geography

The Zazi are similar to the Turi, except in that the Zazi are Sunni Muslims.[2]

Zazi tribe is inhabited in four major geographic locations in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  • Aryob Zazi is in Paktia province and majority of Zazi tribe live here.
  • Maidan Zazi, district in the Khost province.
  • Kwarma (Kurram) Zazi is a political agency in the Federal Administered Tribal Area (FATA) in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan bordering with Aryob Zazai. A large population of Zazi have been living in Kwarma (Kurram) over the past few centuries.
  • Kabul Zazi A very large population of Zazi tribe are also living in the Kabul city of Kabul province. Majority of the population in areas like Kalacha, kart-e naw, Shashdarak, Pul-e Mahmood Khan are inhabited by Zazi.

Notable Zazi