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Zeal Optics Base 2.0 HD Camera with Viewfinder Goggles

The bar has been set and now a ski goggle is no longer just a ski goggle. The Zeal Optics Base 2.0 HD Camera Goggles allow you to shoot your latest all-mountain adventure for your point-of-view. Presented with uncanny 1080 and 720p HD video, you'll have the best looking video to upload and share. How much of the world do you get to see? The camera boasts a 170 degree field of view so you get the full picture of the challenge you're about to embark on. A built-in microphone catches every expletive that you scream when you're flying down the mountain and it's all saved in mp4 format. If you just want a quick shot you can take a single shot and if you're feeling artsy or want options you'll have time lapse and sequence at your disposal. Slow it down, add graphics or watch it again with instant replay, the features give you everything you could want when it comes to shooting video. You'll have an In-Goggle LCD Screen to see it all and an embedded temperature sensor so you and everyone else can see just how cold it is and how much you still want to play regardless. Wherever you go and whatever you do, bring back the proof that you tackle anything that comes in your way with the Zeal Optics Base 2.0 HD Camera Goggles. [+]