Zen Poets

Zen Poets is a band located in Nashville, TN. Our style has been described as two parts Bonnie Raitt, a cup of gospel mixed with some soul and blues/rock. Currently touring as a duo.

Gabe Hizer (guitar, vocals, songwriting), a born musician, was already playing the accordion at the age of 6, the ukulele by the time he was 8 and the guitar by age 9. Known for his unique guitar style and his ability to incorporate blues, jazz, soul and pop into his original songs, Gabe has come a long way since his ukulele days.

Gabe studied with famed country blues guitar master Stefan Grossman and with Long Island jazz guitar guru Howard Morgen, then won a Downbeat magazine scholarship for summer study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, from which he later graduated with a degree in Jazz Composition.

Over the years, Gabe has played with a variety of bands, from original rock groups to the Gabe Hizer Blues Band (which included a 17-year veteran of B.B.King’s band, Michael Doster, on bass).

In 2008 he rented an apartment in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, for four months. During that period, with only his two cats, some rudimentary recording equipment, a guitar, bass, and keyboard, and his laptop, Gabe rediscovered his intense passion for music and decided to move his career in that direction once again, after having been a lawyer for 25 years.

A prolific songwriter since his high school days, Gabe had continued to write even while practicing law, sometimes producing three songs in one day! By the time he was ready to begin his first CD, he had amassed almost 1,000 songs to choose from. His CD, “Persistence of Memory,” which contains several songs he wrote while in Mexico, was released in April 2010. Produced by the well-regarded Indie producer and artist/songwriter Neilson Hubbard, the CD will be available from CD Baby, Amazon.com, and from Gabe via Bandcamp (http://gabehizer.bandcamp.com).

After a chance meeting with Margaret at a songwriter's night a few years ago, Gabe knew he had to do something with her incredible voice. It took him a few years to work out the details, but Zen Poets is now here, combining their talents in a new and exciting retro-soul Groovy Americana way. Stay tuned for great music!

* * *

Margaret Coleman (vocals, ukulele, guitar) started singing in the womb, according to her mother. She grew up in Gulfport, Mississippi, developing a deep love for music and theatre. Throughout her school years she involved herself in many choral groups and drama clubs. She attended Mississippi University For Women, where she earned her B.A. in General Music with an emphasis in Commercial Music. Currently she is a resident of Nashville, Tennessee, working at The Bluebird Café and collaborating with other writers and musicians. [+]