Zostel Delhi

Situated right inside the heart of Delhi, feel the capital breathe right into you at Zostel. Within 5 minutes from the railway, bus and auto terminals and 10 minutes to the airport express metro, welcome to the 5G of hostels, that defies all laws of connectivity.

The hostel is specifically planned to cater to every requirement of a traveler with its spacious dorms, and luxury private suites. The facilities transcend beyond the votive comprehensions of bed and breakfast. The incredibly clean and bright rooms, crystal clear bathrooms, lightning fast free WiFi, travel itinerary, easy to do laundry, ticket bookings, a 24x7 concierge to pamper you with all your needs, Zostel Delhi stands to reinvent the meaning of hospitality.

The Common Room weaves travelers into a single entity leading them into an aura of transfixing travel stories, fun games, soothing moods and a legendary homeliness.

You’ll be left craving for more. Just drop-in @Zostel Delhi, and we’ll take care of the rest.